«Volant» —
«летать» (лат.)

Тренинги »

«Сыграй гениально самого себя» на английском языке

Actors training The genius performance of yourself.

The art of actor training is a creative act of overcoming, solution and winning.

The pleasure comes from freedom of move without stress, self-respect and developing a positive image of yourself.

This training is about changes and considers willingness for these changes.

It activates extemporaneous stream of energy and organizes human future behavior, forms forward directives and creates results.

The fragments of training:

  • multilevel attention development;
  • creative thinking;
  • lability and the art of communication;
  • expression skills (plastic arts, gesture, speech);
  • ideomotoric masks and performance of complicated situations;
  • taking off the stage fear and mobilization to act.

The leader coach-trainers: Antonova Olga.